Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci fancy friendship

He said: “But every now and then I do have a Sting fantasy where I want to jump over the drums […] Why would I want to do that? It’s something only I and our drummer can know."


Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. at the Q Awards 2012 [hq]

"Everybody loves The Killers. Even God loves The Killers. The dude is probably up there right now, his hair shaped like a "U," doing the pogo to "Mr. Brightside" while Jesus stands in the corner pissed because Dad won’t listen to something more appropriate, like Michael W. Smith. That’s how loved The Killers are: They make God be naughty. And why wouldn’t he? The Killers are like the Cabbage Patch Kids of 2004: Everyone wants a piece of them. The group is a lust apex. They’re the quarterback at prom. They’re the Donald at the hairdresser. They’re the porn star in a room full of computer nerds. Little girls cover their mouths and giggle when they walk by. Big girls think dirty thoughts. And critics actually faint, like they’ve been overcome by something old-fashioned, like the vapors" — Las Vegas City Life, 2004 


brandon flowers and his adventures in the desert [x]

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The Killers MTV World Stage, Amsterdam

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