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You sweet gentlemen,


Can I just point out a little hidden moment I saw during the goodbyes the other night:


Bill is clearly about to loose it when Fred see’s that and puts his arm around Bill and smiles/waves to help Bill stay composed. That is true friendship because he knew Bill was upset (and I’m sure Fred was too) and put his arm around him to let him know that it’ll be okay and to just smile and wave during his last goodbye as a cast member.

bill, thanks for 8 hilarious years!


“The nature of SNL is that it’s so in-the-moment. I feel like I’m going to wake up in August and turn to my wife and say ‘Was I really on SNL?’ It went by so fast.”

Bill Hader on interview with GQ Magazine for the 2013 Comedy Issue.

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Farewell Bill Hader - Thank you for eight seasons of homoeroticism, spot-on impressions, unique characters, dirty dancing, and hilarious breaking. 


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i don’t understand how stefon is bill

i don’t understand how bill is stefon

i don’t understand

i don’t

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