Lol yeah that was a long time ago but sometimes I remember that. Sleep deprived friends are fun.

they are super fun cray times

I associate you with The Killers, Keane, and Rosmeayr. And Stan and Norman. Are they still a thing omg

omg i havent called her rosmeayr in ages omg or the stan and norman stuff :’( but i still love those 

aw thank chicken friend 

chickenisamazing replied to your post“frucking laughing someone unfollowed me on christmas hahaaha i…”
They probably realized you were too good for them and as a present unfollowed you bc you’re 2 cool 4 skool~
haha  ily man 


I can be in the worst mood but Jess’s and Rose’s banter makes me smile gosh I ship you two so hard you are cuties

aw sorry to hear you’re in a bad mood Asyah BUT I AM GLAD YOU TURNED THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN COS OF US HUGGLES



i have provided her pictures of the badass seabass no need to worry cos she couldn’t find a good one hehe but now she can

Very good

Yes there will be a 

Jessica I guess

I love you both so much thank you for providing me with ammo in my gun of femininity 

like this idek

Thank you lovely chicken for checking it out :)

imagechickenisamazing replied to your post: I also ship you with conina (but not as much as I…

There is no ship I ship harder than jessmary tbh (can that be the name or is there another ship name Idk I just used one that I thought would work)

aw jessmary sounds adorable

Rosemary what do you think

That umbrella in your sidebar gif is red/ And to my right Brandon's shirt is blue/ You've got a fabulous face and music taste/ I have no choice but to be in love with you <3 (sry I've run out of good poetry after the first one I wrote today ok but ily and you are fabulous ok)






themagnificentkatie replied to your photo: Okay it’s been a month since Keane so I thought…

lol the guy photo bombing the one with you and Richard! :)

I KNOW omg I think he works for the venue…lol yeah. 

chickenisamazing replied to your photoOkay it’s been a month since Keane so I thought…

Omg don’t apologize for your face you are adorable and these pictures are fab

no omg you don’t know what you are talking about, chicken I WILL APOLOGIZE FOR MY FACE YOU’RE NOT GONNA MAKE ME NOT but thank you if you think so idk