This is a game of “Who the hell are you”!

1. Name: Jess

2.    Age: 17

3.    Height: 5’ 5”

4.    Weight: Sorry, can’t tell you, it’s secret information 

5.    Relationship status: 404 Error

6.    Birthday: March 27th

7.    Favorite color: Purple/Blue

8.    Favorite band: The Killers and Keane

9.    Last song listened: Spiralling by Keane

10. Favorite movie: hmm I have a lot

11. Last movie watched: The Avengers

12. Favorite book: what?

13. Last book read: The Color of Water by James McBride (it was for school)

14. # of siblings: none

15. # of pets: none :( I would like a cat though

16. Best school subject: I’m pretty good at them all, but I would say probably history and science

17. Mac or PC?  PC, although I like both

18. Cell phone type:  A VERY old Nextel phone…it’s under Sprint now

19. Current shirt color:  Brown

20. Gamer? uhh not really

21. Day or night? I like the night

22. Summer or winter? Fall

23. Most-visited website? Twitter/Tumblr/Sweet Talk
Celebrity crush: Brandon Flowers 

24. Biggest turn on: Brandon Flowers? lol XD uhh I dunno, kindness