What happens when bloggers try to work together in English class in the library… 

A kid in my physics class today said that Thomas the train looks like a pedophile 

i cried a lil COS IT’S ALL I SEE NOW

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I just realized last night as I was going to bed that a non-romantic pairing is a FRIEND SHIP

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reasons why glasses suck


and other things

  • go into a bathroom after someone took a shower and you’re blinded
  • eat ramen and you’re blinded
  • anything slightly steamy within 5 feet of you and you’re blinded
  • people constantly ask to wear your glasses
  • take off your glasses and everyone thinks you’re blind and decides to start the game of “ARE YOU SURE YOU CAN SEE THIS”
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Best of “Futurama Fry Meme” found on the Internet.

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