As a creator, you’re always frustrated by your limits. You want to find strategies to go further. I actually learned Morse code at one point, and I tried to type words rhythmically to see what kind of patterns they would create.
— Laurent Brancowitz

Right now we are very fresh, like young girls. We feel like we are a band of young girls, we are a girl band.
— Laurent Brancowitz

It’s rare to find a band who not only have the music but a lyricist too. I hear The Killers and I get off the phone.
— Bono (via ohkillers)

I love that you know the album by what Brandon’s wearing. ‘Oh, it’s the moustache album, it’s the feathers album’. He’s quite Elton John about it. How can one man who’s so recognisable look so different?

Ricky Wilson (The Killers - Days & Ages)

Professional Flowers fan boy, Ricky Wilson, displays how he is one of us.

I have the urge to tell Ricky on Twitter that Brandon is the first Pokemon/Human hybrid.

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For us, playing live is much more enjoyable,and it’s also something you can share with a lot of people, hopefully. In the studio it’s a very focused attitude, like the life of monks, with some very brief moments of joy that make it all worthwhile. Live, it’s fantastic because when you are tired of the studio you can go travel the world and just go to a new city every day and see a lot of people. So this balance is almost perfect.
— Laurent Brancowitz

I think it is a real dynamic record. I think every song on it is very, very strong. I think people are really going to enjoy listening to music like ours again. I hope it will awaken those feelings that were awakened before when they listened to a really great record. I think its been awhile since a record like ours has come out, so we are really excited to see what it does - not to float our own boat. But we are all proud of it, and we want people to enjoy it as much as we do.
— Ronnie Vannucci
describes HOT FUSS (via desertnightbloom)

My life is made up of ‘I’m sorry’. I feel like I have to apologize to people, to things, to life itself. It’s like, ‘I’m sorry to be here’. I don’t want to disturb anyone.
— Yohji Yamamoto (via persephoneblue)
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It’s so romantic! It’s such a romantic gesture.

Originally, we were going to have Hannibal flying away with Abigail Hobbs. When we started talking about it, we said, “Oh, gosh, we brought Miriam back and we’re brining Dr. Chilton back — does that seem like too much?” So we just thought, “Well, let’s just bring her back and kill her on-screen!” [Laughs]
— Bryan Fuller on Abigail’s return x (via whenfandomplaysnice)

From the point of view of filming it, it was hours and hours of watching this hideous scene go down, and then splashing around in gallons and gallons of blood—which I enjoy, and wallow in that aspect of the show.
— Hugh Dancy admitting to his blood kink x (via chesapeake-cannibal)
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