It’s music that gets your booty shakin’. Not your real booty, but the booty in your soul. It’s soul booty-shaking music.
— Laurent Brancowitz

Psst. There is a mini keyboard, which is great to develop on song ideas for a few hits. It is only as big as a DIN-A-side, but super powerful and tough. A bit like Brandon.
— Ronnie Vannucci, on the Christmas present he got for Brandon Flowers in 2013 (via cunningcynicalcorvid)

Rose is open, honest, heartfelt, to the point of being selfish, wonderfully selfish. Martha is clever, calm, but rarely says what she’s really thinking. Donna is blunt, precise, unfiltered, but with a big heart beneath all the banter. […] If Rose can be selfish, then her finest moments will come when she’s selfless. If Martha keeps quiet, then her moments of revelation — like her goodbye to the Doctor — make her fly. Donna is magnificently self-centred — not selfish, but she pivots everything around herself, as we all do — so when she opens up and hears the Ood song, or begs for Caecilius’ family to be saved, then she’s wonderful.
— Russell T. Davies, The Writer’s Tale (via doctormaster)

  • Interviewer: You got a cold?
  • Ronnie Vannucci: Yeah, we've just been together on a fourteen week tour and everybody is like recycling the same cold.
  • Interviewer: You guys been making out?
  • Ronnie Vannucci: A little bit. Life gets lonely on the road.
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big D
— brandon flowers 2014 (via the-desert-rains)

I want the big d plz

  • Interviewer: Are you still doing your own laundry on the road?
  • Brandon Flowers: Yes I am. I am very particular about the way I do my t-shirts especially. The moment I take them out of the dryer is very precise. Everyone else nukes’em. I like them still a little damp.

a hi5 and then a low5 to ask for spare change
— my friend on us becoming graduated unemployed people in a couple of years 

We have always wanted to do another animation (after the brilliant Bedshaped video by our friend Corin Hardy) and this seemed like a great time to look back through the years. This song celebrates music, and the video celebrates a ton of different images, scenes and memories in ten years of Keane. Spot the many references to old artwork, and the tours that followed.
— Richard Hughes about “Higher than the sun” video memories [x]

When I was 15 years old music changed the way I thought. I took a lot of time with the lyrics on this record because I don’t want to be responsible for making anyone stupid or hurting them or taking them around the wrong path. I’m very proud of the lyrics. I think they’re positive. It’s hard to be positive. I wanted to represent what we were really about on the album. On the first album we were just representing a fantasy of the kind of music I had grown up with but which I didn’t know anything about.
-Brandon Flowers (about Sam’s Town; Hotpress, Oct. ‘06)

I had lessons when I was about 10 years old. I didn’t like practicing, I didn’t like the theory, and I didn’t like playing Bach and all that classical stuff. I was much happier when I gave up lessons and started teaching myself from guitar tab books of the Beatles and U2. Once I made the connection between the tedious arpeggios they make you play in lessons and the chords in a tab book it became easy to play lots of pop songs. They never tell you that!
— Tim Rice-Oxley (X)
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